Frank Zappa allegedly once said, “Hollywood is just the entertainment arm of the Pentagon.”  This is absolutely true, and what started as a joke often wasted on Facebook on numerous comment threads has ended up becoming an entire dissertation for me.  Zappa also said once that “government is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex,” which is also true.  Personally, I don’t like the term, Military Industrial Complex (M.I.C.),


When I first moved out to Los Angeles in 1992, less than a week after the Rodney King Beating Verdict ignited riots that set several, noticeable upon arrival, portions of L.A. ablaze.  Growing up in small town Midwest America, we didn’t have a lot of easy access to alternative media as you would find in a city like Los Angeles.  I’m not saying that we’re particularly unique in that regard because


** SPOILERS GALORE, but it’s old enough of a show that you probably already saw it before.  But I know some who haven’t. Season Two (Day 2) of 24 starts with torture from jump, when in Seoul, South Korea, South Korean intelligence operatives torture a man (#1) and give the supervising American CIA officer the word, “today”, and President Palmer’s vacation with his son is interrupted by news of actionable


** SPOILER HEAVEN, if you have not seen it and don’t want it spoiled for you, you can see it on Amazon Prime *** Side note, I’m leaving out most unnecessary sub-plots involving the re-election campaign of David Palmer and anything involving Jack’s daughter, Kim. *** Fox Broadcasting Company’s popular counterterror action drama, 24, starring Kiefer Sutherland took a slight detour from Day 2’s radical Islam coming to nuke your


Jack’s back, and 24’s better than ever for more than a few reason.  Not just because there was no Kim, but in Season 4, as if Sean Callery‘s music wasn’t already some of the best soundtrack music on television, he upped his game and it got better than ever.  Season 4 had the most memorable music of the entire series from Season 1 all the way to the very end,

TRUE LIES ON 24 - DAY 4 part 2

Marianne Taylor is killed when she attempts helping Curtis at the office she shared with Powell, and Curtis is captured by Forbes (Richard Marcus) but he turns it around and kills 2 men, evading recapture until Jack arrives to back him up just in time to retake the override device so Edgar can stop the meltdowns. Marwan escapes, but his alias of Harris Barnes leads them to McClennen Forster. Paul

TRUE LIES ON 24 - DAY 5 Part 1

Season 4, was my favorite before they jumped the shark, but it was Season 5 that got me thinking that my joke might not be a joke at all. For the newbies… “If you ever wanted to know what the Anglo American Establishment (Empire) is up to just watch 24 with Kiefer Sutherland, they’ll tell you.” Season 5 was ranked as the best season of 24, even though I personally

TRUE LIES ON 24 - DAY 5 Part 2

*** ALERT — SPOILER HEAVEN***Jack offers Theo Stoller (Henry Ian Cusick), a German Intelligence agent gathering intelligence on Collette’s clients, the WET List when he refuses to cooperate with CTU in the apprehension of Stenger, whom just sold Bierko some schematics, which upset everyone at CTU/DHS and gets Chloe in a heap of trouble. But they breathe easy again when Jack fuck’s Stoller and it self destructs on him before

TRUE LIES ON 24 - DAY 6 Part 1

**ALERT — SPOILER HEAVEN*** Previously on 24, Season 5, my joke became a thesis on 24 being a mechanism for not just selling the War On Terror, but normalizing torture, crisis normalization, as well a means of disseminating truthful information through fictional programming. At risk of redundancy, you are being lied to 24/7 – 365 on every news outlet in all 50 states and beyond. But you are being given