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TRUE LIES ON 24 - DAY 5 Part 1

Season 4, was my favorite before they jumped the shark, but it was Season 5 that got me thinking that my joke might not be a joke at all. For the newbies… “If you ever wanted to know what the Anglo American Establishment (Empire) is up to just watch 24 with Kiefer Sutherland, they’ll tell you.” Season 5 was ranked as the best season of 24, even though I personally

TRUE LIES ON 24 - DAY 5 Part 2

*** ALERT — SPOILER HEAVEN***Jack offers Theo Stoller (Henry Ian Cusick), a German Intelligence agent gathering intelligence on Collette’s clients, the WET List when he refuses to cooperate with CTU in the apprehension of Stenger, whom just sold Bierko some schematics, which upset everyone at CTU/DHS and gets Chloe in a heap of trouble. But they breathe easy again when Jack fuck’s Stoller and it self destructs on him before