If you haven’t been paying attention to what’s been happening around you, perhaps you should start paying closer attention, because it’s happening.  It happening, your country is being overthrown and it isn’t going to stop happening until you’ve been completely overrun by a brutal and unaccountable corporatocracy without a face and a regenerative head.  As I stated before in a couple other posts, I grew up enjoying standup comedy with my father ever since I was a kid.  Rare were such moments when I would feel emotional about a famous person passing away, but I actually wept when George Carlin died.  I grew up listening to him, since the days when he was more of a wordsmith who would do wonderful routines about the English language, some of them were even moderately clean comedy routines.  Hit such as “Icebox Man” and “Fussy Eater”, from his album, A Place For My Stuff, were personal childhood favorites of mine.  But as he got older, he held back less and opened up more in ways that truly spoke the truth about American culture, our government, politics, and the true owners and controllers of our country.  Rather than getting into a big opine of him and trying to convince you how awesome he was, I’ll let him speak for himself and you can decide for yourself.

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